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Do Amazing Things

Tweet In the middle of transitioning into my new job I was given an opportunity to participate in an incredible project put together by by Chris Ferdinandi of Renegade HR.  The opportunity was to submit a blog post to be considered for the 2011 edition of his eBook Do Amazing Things. Do Amazing Things in [...]



Tweet For much of our lives we strive to find happiness and a balance between our personal and professional lives. While some people never achieve this, many do and are successful at it.  At this point in my life I am working back towards equilibrium. Over the past two years my life has been a [...]


It’s Groundhog Day! …Err

Tweet I give you a guest post by my friend Ben Eubanks of UpstartHR and HRevolution fame.  Yes, I realize it is about one million degrees outside and far from Groundhog Day but who can resist referencing this hilarious movie! If you’ve ever seen the movie “Groundhog Day,” you know what I am talking about.  [...]


HR Carnival: Be Inspired

Tweet Being a part of the HR blogging community and social media movement has been very interesting since I started over a year ago.  In addition to learning about the opinions a perspectives of fellow bloggers on a variety of topics,  I have been able to become friends with a great deal of top HR professionals [...]


Rookie of the Year

Tweet Upon returning from HRevolution I was completely drained – mentally exhausted, but in a positive way.  I couldn’t imagine having to get through another week of work, especially after arriving home from Chicago at 2 AM on Monday.  With just over three hours of sleep I made my way to work hoping to find an IV [...]

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