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Working Bee by Bogdan Suditu It is 2:42 AM on Sunday morning.  I’m sitting here at my desk, also known as my coffee table, with my pup Scout asleep in my lap.  Why am I still up?  For the past five hours I have been working on and playing around with this very blog.  It occurred to me that it might be fun to list all of the ongoing projects I am currently working on.  I had a conversation with someone recently about what has been keeping me busy.  Their comment, “That’s so Gen Y.”  I concur.

Most that know me have come to realize that I rarely ever say “No.”  With that being said, in addition to launching my very own blog here at HR whY?, I am currently working on numerous projects, all revolving around technology.

Project 1 – HR Florida Website Redesign

For the past few years I have been working as a volunteer for the HR Florida State Council.  As part of my duties I am one of two individuals tasked with managing the Council’s website.  If you have ever visited www.hrflorida.org you probably have the same complaints I do.  Regardless, I am leading a project to rectify issues with the current website and turn it into a much more user-friendly, modern, and useful interface.  For the past three months I have been working to develop new navigational structures, mock-ups, design concepts, content and more to be worked in to the new site.  The new site should be live within the next two months so make sure to stay tuned.

Project 2 – HR Florida State Conference & Expo

This past January I was officially appointed the Social Media Director for the HR Florida State Council, although I have been running the Council’s social media efforts since the beginning of 2009.  With this role comes a position on the incredible team of volunteers who organize the association’s annual state conference and exposition.  Our first official planning meeting was held in January and plans are moving full speed ahead.  We are preparing for another amazing year and I am very excited to be ensuring social media is a big focus.  Each year we welcome over 1,000 human resource and business professionals for a three day educational event.  If you’ve never attended, please consider it.  You will not be disappointed.

Project 3 – Another Website

That’s right, I’m working on yet another website.  This time it’s for a soon-to-be officially launched consulting firm based here in Florida.  I cannot say much other than be sure to stay tuned as some secret information may just be released soon.  My mouth is locked shut and I’ve thrown away the key…for now.

Project 4 – Paying Job

By now you can see that I volunteer…A LOT!  In most cases it is my volunteer work that fulfills my need for excitement and fun, but not as of recently with my 8 to 5 job.  I am a project lead for a HUGE automation project for my employer’s version of PeopleSoft.  We are developing an automated process to handle position management, putting the now manual paper process to bed.  The new system will allow designated users to submit requests to create/abolish positions, develop position descriptions including responsibilities, competencies, qualifications, and more.  It is an extremely interesting project to be working on.  It will have a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of work related to classification and compensation across the entire organization.

In addition to the projects listed above I am also working on a handful of other “top secret” projects that you all will learn about when the time is right.  I do all of this because I thoroughly enjoy it.  I learn a great deal from all of these special projects and they have a significant impact on my professional development. 

It’s 3:30 AM now and the pup is now snoring.  I guess I better get to bed.

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